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Scrap metal being clawed in Whangarei

Complete scrap metal services in Whangarei

Looking for someone to rid you of home scrap metal in Whangarei? Contact Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd
Cleaning your office or your home is always a hassle, especially if you have to double the effort of throwing away things that you do not need anymore. Simple trash may be easy to take care of, but scrap metal is not. Good thing Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd can help you. We are the company that collects scrap metal in Whangareiso that you will never have to worry about where to dump it anymore.


At Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd, we make sure that you are able to empty your rooms of the scrap metal that takes your precious space. You can even make a good deal on items that are still usable plus cutting down the cost on asking someone else to remove these items.

Our services include:
  • Collection and disposal of scrap metal
  • Home clean-outs
  • Building clean-outs


Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd is one of the best in the industry. Collection and disposal of scrap metal in Whangarei is done by Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd with efficiency. It did not take them too much time to be the leader in industrial waste management in Whangarei.

With years of experience, Whangarei relies on Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd to sort out their scrap and waste. Every customer believes that the service is premier, and so Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd is the only one that they call.

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