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Your eco-friendly metal recyclers in Whangarei

Need someone to recycle things that you no longer need?
Being environment-friendly is very important these days, and being able to reuse and recycle is the most basic help that we can provide to Mother Nature. Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd realizes this need that is why we are committed to be the number one metal recyclers in Whangarei. By being a professional scrap metal collector, we help in making our city green.


Steel plates, chain blocks, electric motors, and steel cables are a few of the things that Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd in Whangarei helps produce when they are able to make reusable material from the scrap metal that they get from clients.

The scrap metal's ferrous and non-ferrous material is processed and manufactured and the end-product is the very component that comprises the items above.

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Kamo Scrap Metals Ltd, being the top metal recyclers in Whangarei sees to it that materials that can still be used for another purpose are recycled.

Scrap metal is one item that can still be used for other things, and when it is collected from demolition site cleanouts and factory cleanouts, it is brought to the workshop to be recycled.
Collected aluminium from metal recyclers in Whangarei
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